Position Title: Freedom Forward Community Center Youth Founder

Position Summary:

The Freedom Forward Community Center Youth Founders will work with the VOICES and Freedom Forward team to co-design a new youth center in San Francisco that will co- locate services for youth. Founders will use their leadership and lived experience to organize what services they see could be utilized in San Francisco County for youth, especially those who have experience in the underground street economy or have experienced sexual exploitation. Commitment is required from September 3, 2019 through December 12, 2019, Tuesday through Friday 10am-4pm in San Francisco. Center Youth Founders will receive $20 an hour for their work.

About Freedom Forward:

Founded in late 2016, Freedom Forward (www.freedom-forward.org) is working to improve systems in San Francisco to make the commercial sexual exploitation of youth less likely and less harmful, and ensure that those who have experienced it have opportunities to thrive. Our guiding principles include listening to youth, fostering thoughtful innovation, embracing complexity, weaving a connected ecosystem, nourishing strengths and wellbeing, and approaching our work with humility but not fear. Current projects tackle systemic change through collaborations that pilot new approaches to serving youth in foster care and in the community, and developing resources and tools to assist youth and the adults in their lives.


VOICES has designed and launched an innovative, peer-led outreach and advocacy model that aims to transform systems by ensuring space for authentic youth engagement. VOICES partners with local organizations to facilitate youth-led processes and build the capacity of service providers to authentically incorporate youth voice into their work.

Areas of Responsibility:

1. Program Development

  • Identifying what services San Francisco youth need and want

  • Creating and designing what those services look like for the launch of the center

  • Organizing a plan on how those services will be implemented (and presenting this to the

    Freedom Forward team)

  • Contributing to how success is defined in the first year of the center

  • Developing and implementing youth friendly training

2. Logistics & Design

  • Creating a safe space for youth of different ages to come get multiple needs met

  • Creating the Center’s identity

  • Developing a schedule for the daily workings of the center and its partners, including how to

    meet the needs of youth of different ages in a safe and appealing way

  • Informing our app and the data we collect as possible

3. Communications and Outreach

  • Reaching out into the community to talk to resources, allies, youth, etc.

  • Presentations and public performances out in the community

  • Raising awareness about the center and what it will offer

Desired Qualifications:

  • Flexible, adaptable, and energetic

  • Passionate about creating change in the community

  • Willingness to work as a team and independently

  • Lived experience of the underground street economy, sex work, commercial sexual

    exploitation, the foster care system, and/or the juvenile justice system

  • Between the ages of 16-25 years old

If interested in applying:

  • Complete the attached application

  • Email the attached job application and cover letter to Sema’J Wyatt at sema’j@voicesyouthcenter.org

  • If you are unable to access email, please call Sema’J Wyatt @ (510) 680-3236

  • Deadline to apply is 5:00pm on August 23, 2019